Kindness Matters

I saw this picture and it spoke volumes to me.

Kindness does matter.

It matters to everyone.

Whether you see eye-to-eye or not, you should always be respectful of each other.

Strive to show kindness everyday to others.



It’s All Up to You

I came across this quote on LinkedIn today from The Daily Sales.  This quote is so true. The best thing you could do is impact your customers lives to the point where they never forget you; or how helpful you have been to them.  Too many times Customer Service Reps think it’s the customers job — It’s Yours!


Life is About Helping Others


This quote, to me, represents Customer Service perfectly!  Everyone who works in Customer Service – has had one of those days where the last thing in the world you want to do is wait on a customer.  I’ve been there myself.  But, in Customer Service the most important thing you can do is – put aside your frustrations and help someone.

Those Customer Service Reps who excel at their job, do so in part, because they put aside their own personal frustrations.  Your problems will be there after you go home – that we cannot change.  But, while you are “on-the-clock” – put your customer first and yourself last.  You may be surprised at the outcome.  Your personal problems may even disappear (or at the very least, be waylaid for awhile.)

Everyone needs someone to care.  Let’s do our part in 2017 and show that we care for each other.  Hatred abounds in this world – if each one of you reading this – takes the time to put aside your personal demons – just once – to help and care for another – just imagine how great this world of ours would be!

Helping Others

In June of this year, I was fortunate enough to be placed in another office within our company.  Sure, it was a much busier office – coming from the Administration office in a city with a population of 1, 875 (where we could count the number of daily customers on one hand) to a city with a total population of 99,000.  Even just being in the office 3 days a week; it was amazing how many people came through the door every single day.

Individuals from all walks of life – all different – all the same – some young – some old – all trying to better themselves by finding and securing employment.  Myself, being employed by a Workforce Development Agency, our goal is to assist all job seekers locate employment.  Not always an easy task, but our end result for everyone is the same – employment.  Of course, we do not find them actual placements, we give them the tools they need to be successful in their job search efforts.  We also provide them with job leads to various openings in the area.  Which I’m sure you can imagine is quite a few in a city of 99,000.

At first, it really surprised me how many of these job seekers are pleasant, polite, and respectful when they are in the office.  With the amount of traffic flow, you would think every now and then someone would be irate, angry, or down right indignant. I have not found that to be the case at all.

Customer Service begins the moment someone walks in the door and I truly believe, this sets the tone for the duration of the visit. Upon arrival, every single person is greeted with a smile and asked about their day.  Plus, all repeat customers are greeted by name.  This places everyone at ease and makes them feel welcomed.

We may not always have the answers that they are searching for – but, I will always try and get them to the correct person who does hold the answers.  Whether that means sending them to another office, or finding a phone number or website, or calling another individual directly, they all have another avenue to pursue upon leaving.

This morning my boss walked in the door as I was trying to assist a customer find the answers he was seeking.  (Even though the answer he needed was not something that I could give him.)  When the customer left – I was told by my boss, “If anyone comes in asking that same question – there is nothing we can do for them. We did our part previously and we’re done.  Send them on their way. End of story.”

Wrong!!  This is not the end of the story…………..

I don’t believe that, not for a second – and the day when I stop caring about helping others – will be the day I retire and become a true hermit.  The boss can tell me whatever he thinks, but the truth is, I will continue to assist every single customer in the way that I feel is best.

I refuse to change my level of Customer Service for ANYONE and I will NOT leave a customer with unanswered questions/requests.

(I know you are probably thinking, you can’t, and shouldn’t, go against the boss.  Well, I do, when I strongly believe he is wrong.  I stand up for what I believe in, even if that means going up against the one person who can change my own employment status.)

As long as every single one of my customers feel as though they are headed in the right direction and they leave me smiling – that to me is truly Eminent Customer Service.

Chase Your Dreams!

How many times have you woken up and dreaded getting out of bed in the morning.  I’ve been there too.  But, then as  your day progresses……you realize what a truly wonderful and productive day you  are having!  Chase your dreams, my friends, don’t let anyone and anything stand in your way.  Life is short and you should be happy while your living!


Customer Service Doesn’t Stop with the Customer

Customer Service includes EVERYONE – not just your “Customers”.  What do I mean by this, consider the following:

During a typical business day you have several individuals walking in the door.  These of course, include your customers who are purchasing/utilizing your services.  But, it also includes others.

How about other co-workers? 

Off-duty or on-duty co-workers from various other locations can stop in at any time.

How about delivery drivers?

Deliveries are made during your business hours.

How about other community members?

Community members may stop by to remind you of any commitments you have made previously.  Or it could just be they see your car in the lot and want to say hello.

How about other business owners?

In my office, we have many other business owners utilizing our rooms.  They just do not have the space available and look to us for assisting them with some extra space.

How about job seekers?

With unemployment at such a high rate in Michigan; job seekers are always “on the hunt” for employment and can enter a business at any time during business hours.

How about repair men/women?

Everyone at some point in time has had to have business equipment repaired.  Unfortunately, we are at their mercy for when they can arrive.

My point, is just because the individual who is entering/or in the office – does not mean your “Customer Service Attitude” stops!!  Everyone listed above deserves your best Customer Service!  Be mindful of how you speak to them and what they can overhear.

Customer Service does not stop with the customer.

If you are in your place of business – you should NEVER turn off your Customer Service!