5 Lesson from Dr. Seuss to Live By

Cat in the Hat



Customer Service Doesn’t Stop with the Customer

Customer Service includes EVERYONE – not just your “Customers”.  What do I mean by this, consider the following:

During a typical business day you have several individuals walking in the door.  These of course, include your customers who are purchasing/utilizing your services.  But, it also includes others.

How about other co-workers? 

Off-duty or on-duty co-workers from various other locations can stop in at any time.

How about delivery drivers?

Deliveries are made during your business hours.

How about other community members?

Community members may stop by to remind you of any commitments you have made previously.  Or it could just be they see your car in the lot and want to say hello.

How about other business owners?

In my office, we have many other business owners utilizing our rooms.  They just do not have the space available and look to us for assisting them with some extra space.

How about job seekers?

With unemployment at such a high rate in Michigan; job seekers are always “on the hunt” for employment and can enter a business at any time during business hours.

How about repair men/women?

Everyone at some point in time has had to have business equipment repaired.  Unfortunately, we are at their mercy for when they can arrive.

My point, is just because the individual who is entering/or in the office – does not mean your “Customer Service Attitude” stops!!  Everyone listed above deserves your best Customer Service!  Be mindful of how you speak to them and what they can overhear.

Customer Service does not stop with the customer.

If you are in your place of business – you should NEVER turn off your Customer Service!




I love this quote…….I am a firm believer that you can be ANYTHING you want to be in life. All you have to do is – Go For It!  If you want to be the BEST Customer Service Rep you can be – BE IT!!If Opportunity Doesnt Knock