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Customer Service Doesn’t Stop with the Customer

Customer Service includes EVERYONE – not just your “Customers”.  What do I mean by this, consider the following:

During a typical business day you have several individuals walking in the door.  These of course, include your customers who are purchasing/utilizing your services.  But, it also includes others.

How about other co-workers? 

Off-duty or on-duty co-workers from various other locations can stop in at any time.

How about delivery drivers?

Deliveries are made during your business hours.

How about other community members?

Community members may stop by to remind you of any commitments you have made previously.  Or it could just be they see your car in the lot and want to say hello.

How about other business owners?

In my office, we have many other business owners utilizing our rooms.  They just do not have the space available and look to us for assisting them with some extra space.

How about job seekers?

With unemployment at such a high rate in Michigan; job seekers are always “on the hunt” for employment and can enter a business at any time during business hours.

How about repair men/women?

Everyone at some point in time has had to have business equipment repaired.  Unfortunately, we are at their mercy for when they can arrive.

My point, is just because the individual who is entering/or in the office – does not mean your “Customer Service Attitude” stops!!  Everyone listed above deserves your best Customer Service!  Be mindful of how you speak to them and what they can overhear.

Customer Service does not stop with the customer.

If you are in your place of business – you should NEVER turn off your Customer Service!





I love this quote…….I am a firm believer that you can be ANYTHING you want to be in life. All you have to do is – Go For It!  If you want to be the BEST Customer Service Rep you can be – BE IT!!If Opportunity Doesnt Knock



In an effort to start out 2016 on the right foot – I challenge all of you.

STOP – anticipating what your customer needs/wants


You may actually be surprised what you hear!



Merry Christmas from Me to You!

2015 Christmas Tree


15 Steps for Eminent Customer Service During the Holidays


How can we maintain our own sanity during the busiest shopping time of the year?  Here are 15 steps to help guide you during the holiday season.

  1. Breathe – take a deep breath and prepare yourself for the day at hand.   Remember ONE DAY AT A TIME!
  1. Plan Ahead – Sometimes taking a few minutes to prepare yourself and plan the tasks at hand  – is worth its weight in silver and gold!
  1. Be Flexible – Everyone who walks in – needs something different!
  1. Put Customers 1st – They chose to visit your establishment – honor their choice and embrace it!
  1. Focus on Customers not Sales – sounds backwards right?  Focusing on the individual will be profitable in the long run!
  1. Just Say Hello – A warm hello from a stranger will always make someone else smile!
  1. Make Your Customer Smile – Feeling welcomed and wanted will make that customer a repeat and loyal customer!
  1. Put Yourself in Their Shoes – Easy to do, if you choose to!
  1. Be Fast and Friendly – this will always bring your customer back again and again!
  2. Be Extra Patient– it’s the time of year when patience seems to run short for EVERYONE – remind yourself over and over to be patient!
  1. Keep Calm and Maintain a Positive Attitude – the best way to help your customer is to showcase a calm and positive demeanor at all times!
  1. Train Temporary Employees– nothing ruins customer service faster than one employee telling a customer one thing and another employee telling them something completely different! Everyone has to be on the same page at all times!
  1. Add Something Extra to Delight Customers– everyone likes to feel appreciated and you can show your customers appreciation by giving them a small token of your gratitude.  Nothing extravagant – a small candy cane or small gift!
  1. Have Fun– nothing makes the day drag on more than dreading your job and dreading the work at hand!
  1. BE THE EXAMPLE– Show your customers WHY they chose you and WHY they continue to return to your establishment!

Following these few simple steps on a daily basis will make your days easier and will remind your customers why they choose YOU!