Life is About Helping Others


This quote, to me, represents Customer Service perfectly!  Everyone who works in Customer Service – has had one of those days where the last thing in the world you want to do is wait on a customer.  I’ve been there myself.  But, in Customer Service the most important thing you can do is – put aside your frustrations and help someone.

Those Customer Service Reps who excel at their job, do so in part, because they put aside their own personal frustrations.  Your problems will be there after you go home – that we cannot change.  But, while you are “on-the-clock” – put your customer first and yourself last.  You may be surprised at the outcome.  Your personal problems may even disappear (or at the very least, be waylaid for awhile.)

Everyone needs someone to care.  Let’s do our part in 2017 and show that we care for each other.  Hatred abounds in this world – if each one of you reading this – takes the time to put aside your personal demons – just once – to help and care for another – just imagine how great this world of ours would be!


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