Being Thankful!


It’s that time year!  It seems to get here faster and faster all the time.  It can be a time of year where you are truly grateful or a time of year when you are totally stressed.  Especially if you work in Customer Service.  It seems like customers get ruder and grow less impatient every year.

But, now is the time for Customer Service Representatives to give extra thanks! Take a deep breath and realize just how truly blessed you are!

There are so many things to be thankful for (don’t forget the small stuff)!

  1.  You have a job.  (I see individuals on a daily basis who are struggling to find employment.  They are extremely stressed trying to figure out how to provide for their families.)
  2. You have a vehicle.  ( I meet individuals on a daily basis who do not have reliable transportation.)
  3. You have a family. (Not everyone has someone to spend the holidays with.)
  4. You have your health. (So many individuals are struggling with their health on a daily basis.)
  5. You have support.  (If you are working, you have the support of co-workers; if you have a family, you have the support of your loved ones.)

Again, I urge you not to judge your customers on their looks or actions. You never know what struggles that individual is encountering.  Maybe today was the only day they could get a ride to your business. Or maybe, today was the only day they could physically get out of bed.  Maybe today, someone was able to loan them some money for the holidays.

You never know what is lurking behind their smile (or their scowl).

Take the higher road and give that person the ultimate Customer Service Experience!  They deserve it – and so do you!

I wish you all a very Happy, Healthy, and Loving Thanksgiving Holiday!



Dealing with Difficult Customers

Anyone who works in Customer Service knows that at some point in time you are going to encounter that “customer”!  The one who you cannot make happy no matter what.  The one who gives you the run for your money.  The one who walks in the door and you cringe.  We’ve all been there.  It happens.

What matters is how you treat that individual.  How you set the bar of Eminent Customer Service.  You could just pass that person onto someone else.  Your manager or another co-worker.

But, I encourage all of you to step up and face that individual head on.  Be the one person who makes a difference!  Try and not take anything that happens personally.  That customer is not out to “attack” you, the person.  They are upset or angry at the business, the product, the service of another.  Not you.

Use these “customers” as a way to learn and grow.  As a way to set yourself apart from others.  Become the best Customer Service Rep you can be.

Proof positive that what you do matters:

Exactly one year ago, I started assisting an individual with his resume.  His career was the Military.  Now, he’s looking for work in the civilian world.  To say this individual was difficult, is an understatement.  Nothing and I mean nothing, I did made him happy.  So, imagine my surprise when I received the following letter:

Letter from DE

I share this letter with you, not as a “Yeah for me!” but, as a reminder to everyone that no matter how difficult our customers are and no matter how many times they return and low and behold are still just as difficult……we do touch their lives.  Either positively or negatively.

The last time I spoke to Mr. E. was late January 2015.  So, things may not happen overnight – as they say, “All Great Things Take Time”.  We still need to make a conscious effort to put our best foot forward because you never know when that one customer will return and you realize that, yes, you really did indeed, make a difference.