Today’s the Day…Make Someone Smile

Be The Reason Someone Smiles Today card

Make today the day.

What are you waiting for?

Do something nice for another person.

Expect nothing in return.

Except the satisfaction of making another person SMILE!


Always Be Kind to Others

Everyone you meet is hiding something beneath their smile.  Could be any number of reasons from health to environmental. How many of us, really, show our true feelings?  Remember ALWAYS, ALWAYS, BE KIND to others!!!


Do You Know Your Customers??

Inspiring Customer Service Quotes_9

Doing what your company does best and ensuring your customers NEEDS and WANTS are being met,  is of the utmost importance!  Have you taken the time to really get to know your customers so you can best meet their needs?  Everyone thinks they are too busy with “work” to take the much needed time to get to know their customers.  Without your customers, you won’t have any work!!

Celebrate Customer Service Week October 5 – 9, 2015

Customer Service Week is celebrated annually during the first full week in October.

This year’s celebration will be held on October 5 – 9, 2015.

Why should we celebrate?

Customer Service Week provides a unique opportunity for service and support professionals around the globe to join in the celebration of the important role that customer service plays in every organization.

The five core goals of Customer Service Week are:

  1. Boost morale, motivation and teamwork.
  2. Reward front-line reps for the important work they do all year long.
  3. Raise company-wide awareness of the importance of customer service.
  4. Thank other departments for their support.
  5. Remind customers of your commitment to customer satisfaction.

Customer Service Week is an international celebration of the importance of customer service and of the people who serve and support customers on a daily basis.

In 1992 the U.S. Congress proclaimed Customer Service Week a nationally recognized event, celebrated annually during the first full week in October.

Here are some ways for you and your establishment to celebrate:

  1.  Put out banners, posters, place cards, etc. so that your customers are aware of the celebration.
  2. Continue to be the stars that you are!
  3. Pay it Forward!  (Assist others this week – volunteer, etc.)
  4. Give extra thanks to those regular customers who are the backbone of your business.
  5. Thank customers unexpectedly.  (Can you imagine the look of surprise on your customers faces when you thank them for your job?!)
  6. Spread the gratitude.

Always Remember — Without Your Customers — You Will Cease to Exist!!