Helping Others Succeed

In my current position – our agency – we are here to assist others in becoming successful.  This could entail a wide variety of ways, such as: seeking employment; obtaining training; or learning computers.  Now mind you, these three categories cover a much larger area.  For example, seeking employment could mean help with a resume, how to fill out applications, creating cover letters, online applications, basic job search skills, where to even begin looking for job postings, and how to dress.

Our agency is also responsible for ensuring that individuals who receive cash assistance from the state – complete their required weekly hours of job search.  Most individuals, especially those who have a very limited work history, don’t even know where to begin.  It is our responsibility, as both a professional agency and as human beings, to help these individuals from the very first step to seeing them reach their goals.

It has come to my attention that as of late, some of “us” (meaning co-workers) have, for the lack of a better term, “plopped” these individuals in front of a computer and let them be. Most of these individuals will be spending 5 hours a day at our agency completing their required hours.  Five total hours in front of computer with no direction.  One can only go so far in job search sitting at a computer.  Statistics have shown that only 15% of individuals ever acquire a position through online applications ( 2014).

Someone explain to me how any individual is going to learn to become successful in front of a computer?? Especially if they need more assistance in other areas, such as, resumes and cover letters.

I just don’t understand how you could find this an acceptable solution.  I am hopeful that after bringing this situation to light yesterday, those individuals “in charge” of our customers, will understand the error in their judgement.  Of course, only time will tell.


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