In Two Minutes, I’ve Acquired A Lifetime Customer

Part of my experience in Customer Service, involves working for a company that was a major supplier to stores such as, Hallmark and JoAnne’s.  All of these items were designed, marketed, made in China, and then shipped to our warehouse. From the warehouse, we would ship these items out all over the world.  My various duties were to interact with the Sales Reps who sold the products daily and also our customers.  Interactions included: over the telephone, over the fax, through our website, email, Sales Reps, and a special computer program that allowed Sales Reps to enter large orders that they were sent directly to my computer.  As a Customer Service Rep, I had several customers who called on a regular basis and would ask to speak to me directly.  I had one such customer who ordered monthly and I always spoke to her at least once a month.  A month went by with no contact from her. At that time, there were heavy floods in her area and it had been all over the news.  So, I sent her the following email:


I just seen on the news all the flooding going on (in your state).  It looks really bad in places.  I sure hope you are not directly affected!  I know we have a lot of customers who live in (your state).  I’ll keep my fingers crossed that everyone weathers the storm.

Please let me know if all is alright with you.

Cindy Thornthwaite

Three days later, I received the following reply from her:

Hi Cindy, thank you for your concern, that was so thoughtful of you.. Luckily.. we are in a location that was surrounded by the flooding waters. I am only 15 minutes from (Large City) which is being evacuated.. and lots of the small creeks and streams around us have flooded, but thankfully my family are all safe!  I have been really praying for everyone, its been very scary as the rain just kept coming and coming, my folks live in (State) as well and it was extremely close to them, but thankfully they built on a huge hill!!

Thank you again for your kindness and concern. I feel like forwarding your letter to every other sales rep I deal with, in the hopes that they too would suddenly become aware of how detached they are about really and truly caring about their customers.

Retailing has shown me alot about big corporations and You are one of the bright spots.

Thank you so much.

Again, God Bless you for your kind words, we are all fine.. Keep praying for those who have weeks of this to endure..



It only takes a few minutes to send a note to someone.  I can’t stress enough the importance of finding those few precious minutes to ensure that your customer is safe, satisfied, and happy.  After this short interaction with Pam, she would only speak to me when she called in future orders.

Knowing that I can do so little to make my customers so happy, allows me to go home every single day feeling that I did my very best and it also ensures that this one customer is a repeat one (and that I stay employed!)


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