Why Did I Start This Blog??

I started this blog because of deep belief that there is never enough that you can do for your customer.

Being a customer myself and also working directly with customers on a daily basis, I see examples of customer service that drive me totally insane.  You name it, I can bet I’ve seen it.  Both good and bad!

I cringe when I see or hear co-workers not giving the customer 100% – or waiting until the customer is out of sight or hearing range to let loose a string of foul language or nasty, inappropriate comments.  I don’t care what that individual did, how they acted, what they said:

Without Them You Are Unemployed!!

For the life of me, I just can’t understand why you, the Customer Service Representative, don’t get that!  When did it become so totally acceptable to complain about what you are getting paid to do.  You are being paid daily to assist those individuals.

Someone please tell me what has happened to work ethic?  Where has it gone??  And for goodness sake, how can we bring it back???

It amazes how many employees think it’s not their place or even flat out lie to a customer just because they do not want to do the work at that particular time.  For the love of God, just do your job!  Stop putting the customer out just because you are being lazy.  Please, please, please, whatever you do – don’t inconvenience your customer by making them return on another day.  Do whatever you have to do to satisfy them WHEN they are there.

Some days, I just wish I could be the supervisor for one day, hell even one hour.  I would make so many changes in how you deal directly with my customers, if you really don’t want to work or are too lazy – find a new job!  You are wasting my time and you are wasting the time of my customers.  Go away!

I believe every single business should strive to be Number 1 in Customer Service.

Why Would You NOT???



One thought on “Why Did I Start This Blog??

  1. Hi there! Thank you for the follow and the interest in my blog! I literally couldn’t agree with you more on customer service!! I have been a manager before and I was so hot on customer service, I hear such shocking service! Hope to speak soon! – Poppie x

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