Sticky Bathroom Floors

Sticky Bathroom Floors

My husband and I currently live in Michigan.  My father-in-law, Roy, lives in Alabama.  He comes every summer to visit for 10 to 14 days.  We try very hard, in that short period of time, to make sure he visits all family, gets out and does “vacation” type activities and just generally “sees the sites”.

2015 has been no different than every other year he has come for a visit.  The first and most important things on his to do list:

  • See my great-grandsons; ages 2 and 5 months.
  • See my grandchildren; two boys (ages 26 and 30) and two girls (ages 28 and 25).
  • Visit his elderly sisters and extended family.

As you can imagine, with us “out and about” every single day, we stop at a wide variety of places and meet a lot of interesting people.  As someone who is dedicated to providing excellent customer service, I see all types of Customer Service – The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly!

Two of the days Roy was visiting, I had to work.  One full day, one half day.  On the half day, I got home at lunchtime.  We decided to take Roy out for lunch before we continued on with our visiting.  Today, we were headed to Aunt Alma’s.  She is 87, lives in an assisted living complex, and is feisty and independent as ever! Aunt Alma previously lived in Alabama, in the same town as Roy, but moved back to Michigan to live with her children when her and her husband’s health was failing.  She rides her motorized scooter to the neighboring store to purchase lottery tickets and cigarettes.  She takes the bus to various casinos in the state.  Aunt Alma’s number one rule – never let anyone see you without your makeup!!

Mind you, we live in the thumb of Michigan.  Rural sometimes does not cover our environment.  We stopped at a small diner in order to eat.  Now picture this:

A – We walk in the door, unsure if we should seat ourselves or wait.  As we are looking around for an open table – the hostess runs up to us like we were breaking the rules!

B – The hostess only seats us.  She never asks us what our drink orders are or what we would like.  She never even told us that, “Your server will be right with you.”  Nothing at all.  She walks us to the table, puts the menus down, and walks away.

C – As we are sitting there looking over the menu trying to pick a choice for lunch, we casually look around and see servers, literally everywhere – but not at our table.  I make eye contact with several of them – but they continue on with their mission and never approach our table.

D – As the minutes click by on the clock, this chick gets more impatient by the nano-second.  I openly admit that I have zero patience and I know that about myself.  But, come on. You have 3 new lunch patrons and no one – and I mean no one heads to our table to introduce themselves or to take our drink orders.

E – My husband and I talk about the “lack” of service and notice two separate servers looking at each other.  Without saying a word, it was very easy to “see” the discussion between the two.  It went something like, “I’m not going to wait on them – you do it.”  Both saying the same thing.  Someone make up your mind.

F – As soon as this exchange happens, I say to my husband, “That’s it, I’m done.  We’re leaving.”  Before we can totally get up to leave, a server rushes over to get our drink orders.  Ok, we decide to go ahead and stay.

G – The server returns with our drinks, takes our lunch order.  Without ever looking anyone in the eye.  Oh, please don’t worry about looking at me directly.  I just might say something you don’t want to hear!

H – The server brings our food, turns around and leaves.

I – The food is ok at best.  Small diner, greasy, untasty food.

J – The server never one time returns to our table to ask if we are satisfied, if we need anything, if we need any drink refills.  Absolutely nothing!

K –  Sitting there for what seems like an endless amount of time waiting for our bill.  Just as I was ready to get up and ask the hostess for our bill, our server finally appears and gives us the bills.  States that she can take it up for us when we are ready.

L – My father-in-law ends up flagging her down to come back and get our money.

M – I decide to go to the restroom before we leave. As I walk into the bathroom, my feet stick to the sticky bathroom floor!

It simply does not matter if this dining establishment is a high-end, high-priced venue or a small rural town diner.  The customer service should be OUTSTANDING!!!

The morale of this story, if you walk into a dining establishment and receive terrible service right from the onset.  Do yourself a huge favor and turn right around and walk out the door.  Save yourself the frustration!  Or you may end up walking on sticky bathroom floors!  (How can you as the business owner, not have enough respect for your business to have clean restrooms for your patrons??)


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